oral speaking

Oral Speaking: Arts and Methods to Improve Effective Communication Skills

oral english communication

oral english communication

Oral speaking is one of the most important skills that an individual must possess in daily life, as it helps in communicating with others effectively and broadcasting ideas and information in a clear and understandable way. Through this article, we will discuss some of the arts and methods that can be used to improve oral speaking skills.

1- Speak clearly and frankly:

Speaking clearly and openly is one of the most important methods of oral speaking, as the individual must express himself openly and clearly and do not hesitate to express his opinion and feelings in a way that respects others.

2- Focus on the audience:

The individual should focus on the audience they are talking to, they should use simple and understandable language and they should avoid using vague words or technical terms that not everyone understands.

3- Body use:

The use of the body and facial expressions is one of the basic arts in oral speaking, where hand movements and facial expressions can be used to highlight key points and attract the attention of the audience.

4- Public speaking training:

An individual can improve their oral speaking skills through public speaking training, where they can participate in seminars, lectures, and other activities that require large public speaking.

5- Active listening:

Active listening is an essential part of oral speaking, as an individual must be interested in what others are saying and listen attentively to them. Facial expressions and hand movements can also be used to express interest and engage with the audience.

6- Preparation and planning:

The individual must prepare and plan for any speech he intends to give, as this helps to identify the main points and arrange the ideas logically and clearly, making him more able to express himself in an effective way.

7- Non-verbal communication:

An individual must be sensitive to nonverbal communication, as facial expressions, body movements, and breathing can be used to enhance communication and better communicate ideas.

8- Good use of sound:

Voice can be used effectively to improve oral speaking skills, as the voice must be clear and strong and the speed, tone and rhythm must be controlled to better communicate ideas.

9- Self-confidence:

The individual must be confident in himself and his oral speaking skills, as deep breathing, meditation and self-speaking can be used in a positive way to improve self-confidence and reduce stress and anxiety.

10- Continuous Learning:

The individual should strive for continuous learning and improve their oral speaking skills, as they can take advantage of the training courses, books and resources available to improve their oral speaking skills. Experts and trainers in the field can also be used to improve and develop skills.

In addition, the individual should pay attention to small details that can affect oral speaking, such as body language, eyes, breathing, and voice. When an individual has good oral speaking skills, they can influence others positively and achieve their goals better.

In general, oral speaking is an important skill that an individual must improve to succeed in work and social life. When an individual uses their oral speaking skills effectively, they can influence others and succeed in communicating messages and ideas better and more effectively.

Oral communication in English

Oral communication is the conduct of conversations between two or more people, during which thoughts, information, and feelings are exchanged directly and instantly, using words, phrases, facial expressions, and physical gestures.

As for English, it is considered one of the most widely spoken languages in the world, and is used in many countries as an official or second language. Because of this wide prevalence, it becomes imperative for English speakers to be able to communicate orally correctly and effectively.

Here are some tips that can help you speak English in an effective way:

1- Listen carefully: You should listen carefully to other speakers, and focus on what they say. When someone else speaks, you should respond appropriately and politely, showing them your interest and understanding of what they are saying.

2- Speak clearly: You should speak clearly and loudly enough for others to hear you, and you should avoid using complex and difficult words that others do not understand.

3- Use facial expressions and physical gestures: Facial expressions and physical gestures can be used to better express feelings and thoughts, and can be used to facilitate communication with others.

4- Pay attention to the tone: The tone can reflect the mood, personality and real feelings of the speaker, so you should pay attention to the tone spoken by the speaker and make sure that it is appropriate for the situation and conversation.

5- Speak directly and briefly: Speak directly and briefly, without using excessive phrases, and should maintain focus on the main ideas and avoid deviation from the main topic.

6- Practice and Training: English needs continuous training and practice to improve oral communication abilities, and this can be done by talking with native speakers, listening to native speakers, watching movies and TV shows, and listening to radio programs.

In the end, it can be said that oral communication in English is an important and necessary process for anyone who wants to connect with global communities and develop their English language skills. These above tips can be applied to improve oral communication abilities and achieve positive and effective results in English conversations.
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