What are the 6 P's of presenting?


The 6 P's of presenting are a framework for preparing and delivering effective presentations. They are:

  1. Purpose: The purpose of your presentation should be clear and well-defined. What do you want to accomplish with your presentation? What is the main message that you want to convey to your audience?

  2. Plan: Plan your presentation carefully, considering the structure, timing, and content. Think about your audience and what will be most engaging and relevant to them. Choose appropriate visual aids, such as slides or props, to support your message.

  3. Prepare: Prepare thoroughly for your presentation, including practicing your delivery, reviewing your visual aids, and anticipating questions or challenges from the audience. Rehearse your presentation until you are comfortable with the content and confident in your delivery.

  4. Practice: Practice your presentation in front of a trusted friend or colleague who can provide feedback on your delivery, timing, and content. Consider recording yourself to identify areas where you may need to improve your delivery or pacing.

  5. Present: When presenting, be confident, clear, and engaging. Connect with your audience by making eye contact, using body language, and speaking in a conversational tone. Use visual aids effectively to reinforce your message and engage your audience.

  6. Perfect: After your presentation, reflect on what worked well and what could be improved. Ask for feedback from your audience and use it to refine your approach and improve your presentation skills for future presentations.

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