What are the 3 stages of presentation?


The three stages of a presentation are:

  1. Preparation: This is the stage where you plan and prepare your presentation. This includes identifying your audience, determining your message and objectives, and organizing your content. You may also need to create visual aids, rehearse your presentation, and gather any necessary materials.


  2. Delivery: This is the stage where you present your prepared material to your audience. You will need to use your voice, body language, and visual aids to effectively communicate your message. It's important to engage your audience and maintain their interest throughout your presentation.

  3. Follow-up: This is the stage after your presentation where you follow up with your audience. This may include answering any questions they may have, providing additional resources, or seeking feedback on your presentation. Following up with your audience can help you to build relationships, establish credibility, and identify areas for improvement in your presentation skills.

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