some topics for a 5-minute presentation

 here are some topics for a 5-minute presentation:

  1. Benefits of mindfulness meditation
  2. Introduction to a new hobby (e.g. photography, painting, gardening, etc.)
  3. The history of a famous landmark or building
  4. Tips for effective time management
  5. How to make the perfect cup of coffee/tea

  6. The importance of recycling and how to get started
  7. The impact of social media on mental health
  8. How to stay motivated and focused while working from home
  9. The benefits of a healthy diet and how to eat well on a budget
  10. The impact of climate change on our planet and ways to help combat it
  11. Tips for reducing stress and improving mental health
  12. The impact of technology on our daily lives
  13. How to start a successful small business
  14. The benefits of regular exercise and ways to make it fun
  15. Tips for effective public speaking.
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