Easy presentation topics

Here are some easy presentation topics that you can consider:

  1. How to make a basic dish (e.g. scrambled eggs, pasta, sandwich)
  2. The life and work of a famous musician, artist or athlete
  3. Tips for saving money on a tight budget
  4. The history of your hometown or city
  5. How to take care of a houseplant

  6. The importance of exercise and easy ways to incorporate it into your routine
  7. Tips for staying organized and productive
  8. The benefits of drinking water and how to stay hydrated
  9. How to create a simple craft or DIY project
  10. The history and evolution of a popular technology or gadget
  11. The basics of a popular sport or game
  12. Tips for improving your communication skills
  13. How to get started with a new hobby
  14. The benefits of reading and ways to make it a habit
  15. The impact of music on our mood and emotions.
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