An Adventurous Expedition to Al Jabal Al Akhdhar

Complete the following task, write at least 100 words.
You went on an expedition to A1 Jabal A1 Akhdhar with your friends. There, you experienced some
unexpected setbacks. Tell the story of what happened and how you felt about it.
Your writing should be coherent and interesting.



Last summer, I went on an expedition to Al Jabal Al Akhdhar with my friends. It was an exciting adventure that we had been planning for months. However, the trip turned out to be more challenging than we anticipated. The first setback happened when we realized that we forgot to pack enough water for the trek. We only had two liters of water for six people, and we knew that the journey would take us at least four hours. We had to ration the water, and it made us all anxious.

As we continued the trek, the path became steeper and rockier. One of our friends twisted her ankle and couldn't walk. We were all worried and unsure of what to do next. We decided to take a break, and we started discussing our options. We decided to make a stretcher out of branches and carry our friend down the mountain.

It was a challenging experience, but it also brought us closer together as friends. We were all working together, supporting each other, and problem-solving. The setbacks made the journey more memorable and meaningful. Despite the unexpected challenges, we felt a sense of accomplishment when we reached the summit of Al Jabal Al Akhdhar. It was a stunning view, and we all felt grateful for the experience.


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