Minute oral presentation of the houses in the past and the present.

A minute oral presentation of the houses in the past and the present, and we compare them, and at the end, write your opinion and which house would you like to live in.

Introduction: Houses in the Past and Present

Good afternoon, today I will be discussing the topic of houses in the past and present, and comparing them to each other. 
Throughout history, the way houses have been built has undergone significant changes, primarily due to advancements in technology, changes in lifestyle, and cultural influences.
Minute oral presentation of the houses in the past and the present.

Houses in the Past: Small and Simple

In the past, houses were typically smaller, and families tended to live in one-room houses that served as the kitchen, living room, and bedroom. 
These houses were often made of natural materials such as mud, straw, and wood, and they were not designed with modern amenities such as electricity, running water, or central heating.

Houses in the Present: Spacious and Equipped with Modern Amenities

 In contrast, modern houses are much more spacious, and most families have separate rooms for sleeping, cooking, and socializing. 
These houses are made of a variety of materials such as bricks, concrete, and steel, and they are equipped with modern amenities such as electricity, running water, heating, and air conditioning.

Comparing Houses of the Past and Present

When comparing the houses of the past and present, one can observe that the changes in the design and construction of houses have significantly improved the quality of life for people. 
Modern houses provide more comfort, privacy, and convenience, allowing individuals to live comfortably and safely. 
They are also more energy-efficient and environmentally friendly, which is essential in today's world. 
However, while modern houses provide these benefits, some may argue that they lack the charm and character of older homes, which were often designed with intricate details and craftsmanship.

Conclusion: Choosing Between the Charm of the Past and the Convenience of the Present 

In conclusion, while both past and present houses have their unique features and characteristics, it is essential to acknowledge the significant advancements in housing construction and design. 
As a language model, I don't have a preference for which house to live in. 
Still, it is clear that modern houses provide a higher standard of living, 
with improved amenities and sustainability, while older homes offer a historical charm and character that some people may find appealing. 
Ultimately, the choice of which house to live in depends on personal preferences and needs.
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